The Moto Z Play coming to Canada later this month!

I had (and still own) a Moto X 2013. I loved the device because of its build, innovation, and simple ease of use. Since then, I’ve been a Motorola fan. So for me, it’s been exciting to hear that today, at IFA in Berlin, Germany, Lenovo/Motorola announced their newest Android smartphone, the Moto Z Play.

The device has been priced to compete with flagship devices, and is said to be $650 CAD off-contract, and available at Rogers, Telus, and Koodo in later this month. That’s not a bad deal if you ask me!

So what makes this device unique from others? Well, Motorola’s showing a lot of emphasis on the battery life. The processor is a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 625, which uses very little power compared to Snapdragon 820 found in flagship devices. Don’t let this concern you though. Reports of those who’ve had their hands on this device have said it’s still snappy, even for gaming. The battery is also nice and beefy too at 3510mAh! To complete the power savings, the 5.5″ display on the Moto Z Play is 1080P. Some may say that isn’t enough, but I will beg to differ, as I have done plenty of comparisons between 1080P and QHD displays and the difference is negligible for the average user.

If you’re thinking of picking up the device to get your hands on Android’s latest OS, Nougat, you’ll be disappointed. The Moto X Play is shipping with Android Marshmallow, and there is no ETA when it’ll receive the update. I am a little surprised to see this since Android’s N Developer Preview has been out for so many months now, and Motorola used to have a good history of updating the OS quickly. Granted, that was prior to Lenovo taking over ownership.

Smartphone photographers will probably look past this device as an option. It will come with a 16 MP camera with an f/2.0 aperture, but no image stabilization. If you’re aiming to snap a pic in lower light, this doesn’t sound too promising. Not compared to other smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7. The Moto Z Play has laser autofocus and phase detection, so Motorola has made other efforts to keep photo quality better.

All Moto Mods available prior to this device, including a new addition, the Hasselblad True Zoom, are all compatible. No worries there!

For more information, visit Motorola’s official blog post about the Moto X Play and the Hasselblad True Zoom.

Rob Blaich

Rob is the Chief Writer and Founder of Eh! For Android. His current devices are the Huawei Nexus 6P, and the Pebble Time.

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