Rogers is beginning to roll out RCS support!

Last month, Google announced a us carrier, Sprint, to the the first to upgrade SMS/MMS to Google’s new RCS. Today, Google’s announced Rogers is next to push the upgrade. Good news for us Canadian Android users!

Google stated the following on their blog;

Rogers customers will have access to enhanced features — including group chat, high-res photo sharing and read receipts — as part of their standard messaging experience on Android. You can access the upgraded messaging experience by downloading the Messenger app for Android devices from the Google Play Store, and the service will be powered by the Jibe RCS cloud. We’re beginning to roll out the enhanced messaging experience today, and it will be available to all Rogers customers soon.

To be able to make use of RCS, be sure you install Google’s Messenger app from Google Play, as it is currently the only app to support RCS.

Personally, I find RCS exciting. It is nice to have the choices between WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Allo, Wire, Line, etc. However, all of these rely on both yourself and those you wish to talk to to have the same app installed. With SMS and RCS, everyone can connect with ease. Plus, unlike outside of the US and Canada, data is expensive, and SMS/RCS is often free. It’s a bit of a no-brainer.

Rob Blaich

Rob is the Chief Writer and Founder of Eh! For Android. His current devices are the Huawei Nexus 6P, and the Pebble Time.

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