CRTC ends locked cellphones and unlocking fees!

Wow! Here’s a treat for us Canadians! Beginning December 1, 2017, Canadians “will have the right to have their cellphones and other mobile devices unlocked free of charge upon request. In addition, all newly purchased devices must be provided unlocked from that day forward.”

So after that day, if you want to go sell or buy a cellphone used off Kijiji, or switch providers and keep what you currently have, you don’t have to go to your carrier and pay a fee to unlock it. Nor will you have to use another source online such as Cell Unlocker.

Great news for us in Canada!


Rob Blaich

Rob is the Chief Writer and Founder of Eh! For Android. His current devices are the Huawei Nexus 6P, and the Pebble Time.

  • but if it’s still on subsidy they won’t, right?

  • Stuntman06

    Glad the extortion is going to end. Have to wait until December, though.

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