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For the past year (perhaps longer), I’ve volunteered my time to writing for Android Coliseum. From them, I’ve learned and gained a lot of useful information and tips on writing, reviewing, and networking with manufacturers. To Ryan Moore and Martin Guay, the front runners of the team, I thank you for bringing me on board and allowing me to be a part of the team! It’s been fun, and I’ve greatly appreciated being a part of a group of fellow Canadian Android enthusiasts!

I made the decision to break away from Android Coliseum (AC), and make my own website dedicated to Android related content for Canadian residents. Yes, the content will be quite similar to AC’s, but here at Eh!, I’m planning to bring a little more to the table!

This website will not just consist of my own input either. At the time of this post, I’ve asked Jace HernandezAdam Slobodian, and Dade Williams to join Eh! to add their own content as they please. They are huge Android enthusiasts, and they are always keeping up to date with the latest and greatest tech that Canadians can get their hands on. So keep an eye out for their names too when reading posts here!

What are you thoughts? Are you game for another group to bring Canadian-filtered-Android content to you? Leave a comment below!

Rob Blaich

Rob is the Chief Writer and Founder of Eh! For Android. His current devices are the Huawei Nexus 6P, and the Pebble Time.

  • ChrisPollard77

    Good luck with the new site Rob!

  • Rhiney Maceachern

    Looking fwd to some Acadian content.

  • Cass_m

    All the best with the new site Rob.

  • Shaun Aston

    I expect Jace Hernandez to write a nice piece on the success of Android Pay in Canada.

  • Paul Bryden

    All the best Rob and gang!

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